Vacuum Excavation

Vacuum excavation is a proven method of exposing utilities and other underground items within a few metres of the surface, in a safe and environmentally low impact manner.

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There are two types of vacuum excavation:

  • Vacuum Excavation (with or without high pressure air)

  • Hydro Vacuum Excavation

Vacvator manufactures highly efficient vacuum and hydro vacuum excavation equipment. The difference between the two is one method uses straight vacuum and is suitable for loose or excavated material and is operated dry; the other uses high pressure water to cut compacted or virgin ground in conjunction with vacuum. Both methods suck the material into the storage unit ready for transport and/or disposal.

Vacuum Excavation

Straight vacuum excavation can be used to expose utilities or transport material in limited conditions.  Sands, gravel, wood chips, grain, ore and dust can all be transported and/or disposed of using straight vacuum in a dry state. High pressure air can also be used to assist this process if there is limited compaction of material.

Sewer, storm water and chemical spills can be disposed of with straight vacuum. Units for these applications must be designed to comply with the necessary regulatory requirements, so we advise you call us first to discuss your requirements.

Hydro Vacuum Excavation

Hydro vacuum excavation cuts through the soil using a high pressure water pump that blasts a jet of water at 2400-3600psi via a turbo nozzle. Simultaneously, vacuum sucks up the water and mud into a 75-150mm diameter hose which dumps the spoil into a tank for disposal. Any material that will fit inside the hose can be collected using Vacvator vacuum exaction equipment. It is a quick, non-invasive and safe method of identifying services prior to any construction taking place.

Hydro vacuum excavation is currently seen as the safest method of positively locating and excavating around buried utilities, and is the only excavation method approved for work around Telstra services at low pressure.

Effectiveness of Hydro Vacuum Excavation

The ability to cut through virgin ground to get the job done quickly and efficiently is reliant on two key features:

  • Water volume/pressure at the nozzle of the cutting tool, and

  • The ability of the vacuum unit to suck the cut material at the face and transport it into the tank.

This is what separates Vacvator from most other units on the market. Vacvator’s advanced design and detailed knowledge of the industry delivers greater efficiency, effectiveness and best value for money.

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